Superior Donuts: Scenic Design

Superior Donuts
By Tracy Letts
Directed by Marilyn Langhbehn
Custom Made Theater Co. @ the Gough Street Playhouse
Scenic Design by Erik LaDue

Arther Przybyszewski isn’t quite “there”. He’s not much of a person to change anything . . . or keep his donut shop clean. The idea was to go for a look that gave credit to Arthur’s lack of initiative to decorate, or change his environment. Earlier in the play, Max Tarasov, Arthur’s shop neighbor, refers to how Aurthur seems to keep in his hole, avoiding the light. I aimed to bring this  existential void to being through a stark, simple set. Although a naturalists play, I wanted walls that could double as realistic architecture and the lining to Aurthur’s psyche.
Superior DonutsDonut Display Case. Home made!Superior DonutsSuperior Donuts White ModelDoorway, with interchangable glass and boarding