Grandma’s Cabin, Just Ripe Gallery

Grandma’s Cabin
Ragged Wing Spring Gallery’14, Theme: Just Ripe
The Flight Deck Gallery
Collaborators: Eric Bohr, Erik LaDue

As a part of the Ragged Wing Ensemble’s Spring Gallery, the season’s theme is thrown out to a group of local artists, leading to inspired works that give out audiences something to reflect on outside the theater. The theme for the 2013-2014 season was Just Ripe. Inspired by my co-collaborator’s memories of stormy nights in the attic of his grandmother’s cabin, and by the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, we sought to make an intimate installation, one person at a time would enter the cabin, where various tactile elements of a distant life were available to explore. Primary to the piece was a fur-coated chair that came with fur-headphones that played the sound of a pouring thunderstorm. Lining the walls was old, water damaged wall paper, and news clippings from eras past. This is my first major play in found objects.





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